Marine & Waterfront


Planning & Permitting:

Planning, Design, Conceptual Design of dredging, dock pile, Sea wall construction, Assistance with US Army  Corps of Engineers, Coastal, RWQB, AQMB, Fish and Wildlife, City and County permits.

Gravity Core Samples, Vibra Core samples, Water Monitoring Service, We can test for PH, Dissolved O2,
Turbidity, metals, chemicals any, testing you would need for a permit.

DLF can provide construction, inspectors above and below water. Inspections can be done with
Remote Operated Vehicles ROV’s  with Cameras and Side Scan Sonar. `It all starts with a Hydrographic survey and a conceptual plan that includes the area you are working in and the amount of work you want to do. We have to have an as built of your site to submit to the regulatory agencies for approval.

We start by quantifying your job with a topographic survey so we know how deep the water is in your area and if it is deep enough for navigation. We then draw up a map and include the amount of material
you want to remove using a TIN Model in Auto Cad.

We would also put together a construction methodology which best fit your circumstances and is the most COST EFFECTIVE for you. We believe in Value Engineering for your Dredging, Seawalls, Bulkhead
walls, Piles and Docks projects.

Atlas can do all the survey work, soil testing, water testing put together the plans and specs and get the job out for bid or we can design build. We also provide construction management to make sure your job is completed properly.

DLF can get you from conceptual to permits design and finally to building your Docks, Piles, Sea walls, Bulkhead walls and Dredging projects.

DLF has been in and around the dredging and marine construction business for years DLF has performed or manage Mechanical dredging Clamshell dredges and Excavator dredges & Mud cats  We have disposed of material in many types of disposal areas both hazardous and non hazardous material, upland disposal, Haul to Sea.
Hydrographic Surveys
Hydrographic  Surveys, Land Surveys, Side Scan Sonar, Magnetometers, Equipment Position Control and Tracking.
Side Scan Services We can perform side scan surveys with survey data overlays and depths with contours.
Docks & Piles
DLF can design build install any type of Piles & Docks. We can build using wood, concrete, steel and composites.
DLF can design, build install any type of sea walls, concrete, steel, sheet pile, rock, gabions and composite piles.