About us

De la Fuente Construction, Inc. was established as a corporation in 2008 and has thrived in the construction industry primarily as a general contractor. We are based and licensed in California. Lic. A, B # 919666.

DLF has many years of experience providing quality service for a variety of clients: including, but not limited to Private Owners, the U.S. Navy; U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Caltrans; various County and City Public Works, Sanitation, Flood Control, and Waste Management departments; as well as other local, state and Federal Government agencies and private clients.

The company is managed by Jorge Diaz, born in San Diego, CA, attended elementary & high school in Mexico and advanced his education in San Diego CA, where he obtained his B.S. degree and graduated from Civil Engineering in 2006. Jorge has worked with different construction companies and subcontractors since he was 18 and has managed a wide variety of construction projects in the U.S. and Mexico.

Closely directed by personnel De La Fuente Construction builds a diverse range of project types, including construction, design, permit processing, engineering, repairs, renovations, upgrades, rehabilitation, alterations and new constructions.

Services include but are not limited to: new construction, repairs, renovations, alterations, upgrades and rehabilitation construction for pipeline, water and sewer utilities; marine, waterfront & port projects; channels, dams and basins; flood control; landfills; facilities and buildings; asphalt/concrete, paving and roadway; structures and bridges; demolition and excavation; clearing, grubbing and site preparation; framing, painting, stucco, roofing, plumbing electric and certified welding. and other unique projects.

We are committed to meeting expectations of safety, project schedules, and quality, thereby ensuring satisfied customers and a job done right the first time.

At De La Fuente Construction we deliver the best value in building services by placing expert construction professionals on every project undertaken.





De la Fuente Construction, Inc. is a certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise, Hub Zone, Emerging Local Business Enterprise, Small Local Business Enterprise, and 8a.

Advantages to the Government

A big advantage for government procurement personnel in selecting the 8a contracting method is that the agency does not have to solicit bids and may choose a specific 8a contractor to fulfill its requirements. For sole-source requirements under the competitive thresholds, the contracting agency can identify the 8a company to perform a contract by simply naming that company in an offering letter to the SBA. Of course this does not happen by itself. The 8a firm must actively self-market with the contracting agency or be introduced to the contractor through a referral. For competitive 8a requirements, the contracting agency does not have the same ability to choose a contractor, although the competition can be limited to eligible 8a companies within a certain geographic area or participation stage.

Another advantage for the government is that they can often get what they need faster by contracting though the 8a Program. This is because competitive requirements must be synopsized and the resulting solicitation must be open on the street for a minimum of 30 days. This process for full and open competition can take several months. 8a contracts have no synopsis requirements (except for competitive 8a contracts) and contracting.

Subcontracting: One of the goals of the 8(a) program is to allow non-8(a) contractors to expand their scope of services. Therefore, the 8(a) contractor is permitted, with approval of the SBA, to subcontract a portion of this work to other qualified firms. While subcontracting is restricted to maintain the integrity of the program as an opportunity for disadvantaged businesses, subcontracting limits can be as high as 85 percent, depending on the industry. Contractors develop valuable relationships, while the client benefits from a qualified, experienced, well-rounded team.

Opportunity 1: Sole-Source Directly to De la Fuente Construction, Inc.

Any federal agency can identify work especially suited for an 8(a) firm and can set-aside the project without advertising. This allows the Federal Agency to directly award a professional service contract to this 8(a) firm without lengthy contracting delays.

If this option is chosen, the steps typically followed are:

  1. The project manager or interested party identifies a statement of work,
  2. prepares a government estimate and earmarks funds.
  3. The agency chooses DLFCI to perform the work

An authorization to negotiate is obtained from the SBA by filling out a Small Business Coordination Record form. The interested party may consult with their Small Business Program Office and/or the contracting office in order to complete the Business Coordination Record or a Procurement Request Form, depending on the agency. Federal departments have different forms; for example, the DOD and its agencies use DD Form 2579.

  1. The prepared contract documents must include the following statement: “Request procurement be made pursuant to Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act 15 U.S.C. 637(a) and in accordance with FAR 19.8.”
  2. Once the procurement request has been made, the Small Business Deputy or the Contract Officer prepares an offer letter or a proposed project form (FAR 19.804-2).
  3. After the offering information is received and processed by the SBA, the process returns to the Contracting Officer who submits the Scope of Work and Request for Quotation to ISTG.
  4. ISTG submits its proposal and the package is evaluated and negotiated (if necessary) by the agency.
  5. 5. The contract is awarded.

Opportunity 2: Sole-Source IDIQ for De la Fuente Construction, Inc.

When an agency finds an 8(a) company that they would like to utilize on a regular basis, the agency might choose to award a sole-source Security Services IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity) contract. Preparation of this IDIQ is very cost-effective for the agency as it minimizes the length of time involved in contracting out individual task orders and it is not as costly and time-consuming to award as a competitive IDIQ. This type of contracting mechanism can be awarded very much like the sole-source contracts described above.

Opportunity 3: BOA with De la Fuente Construction, Inc.

A BOA (Basic Order Agreement) can also be awarded on a sole-source basis under the 8(a) program. A BOA is a written instrument of understanding, negotiated between an agency, contracting activity, or contracting office and a contractor, that contains the following items:


  1. Terms and clauses applying to future contracts (orders) between the parties during its term.
  2. A description, as specific as practicable, of supplies or services to be provided.
  3. Methods for pricing, issuing, and delivering future orders under the Basic Ordering Agreement